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Food banks launch fundraising campaign

Four Coast food banks are hoping to raise $100,000
C.Food banks
Volunteers Brad Ivens and Diane Behncke at the Salvation Army food bank.

The Sunshine Coast’s four food banks are collaborating to fundraise for their current and future operations.

The move comes as financial pressures on families have been amplified during COVID-19.

“Too many people in our community cannot make it through the month without running short of food,” said Carey Rumba, Sunshine Coast Community Services’ manager responsible for food programming.

“In an ideal world, everyone would have enough to eat and there would be no need for food banks,” said Darrell Pilgrim, director of the Salvation Army Ministry in Gibsons. “Until then, the need for food support is continuing to grow on the Sunshine Coast.”

To answer the growing need, the Sunshine Coast Food Bank, operated by Sunshine Coast Community Services Society in Sechelt, the Pender Harbour Food Bank, and the Salvation Army and St. Bart’s food banks, both in Gibsons, have joined together to ensure that food is available whenever families need it.

The four local food banks are hoping to raise $100,000 to support their programs and services. The Sunshine Coast Foundation is partnering with this effort to accept donations in support of all four food banks.

“During the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic, the four food banks began collaborating in our fundraising and food distributions efforts,” said Susan Kimm-Jones, volunteer co-ordinator of the St. Bart’s Anglican Church food bank. “This joint fundraising campaign is a natural next step to ensure that all our food banks have the resources they need to keep their shelves full.”

“We are grateful to the Sunshine Coast Foundation for its support in building a sustainable source of funding for our food banks,” said Joka Wright, volunteer leader with the Pender Harbour Food Bank.

The fundraising campaign will run until July 15. To contribute to the campaign, please visit or call 604-741-7360.