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Elphinstone Chronicles: Ukrainian refugees, Songbird concert, surveys!

Also, on Sunday, June 19, at 1 p.m., noted Elphinstone musician Celso Machado will perform at the second concert in the unique Songbird Forest Concert Series
C.Yellow Cedar photo by Shel Neufeld
Yellow Cedar in Songbird forest.

Elphinstone residents Michael Maser and Lisa Housden have been providing English classes to Ukrainian refugees newly arrived on the Coast. As educators with ESL experience, they felt that helping these refugees with basic language skills was the least they could do. Michael credits the Anico-Taveres family with spearheading the effort through their business, Ideas Space. Daria and Daniel who, along with their children, emigrated from Ukraine less than two years ago have been tireless in their efforts to help fleeing families and coordinate donations of goods and money to people still in Ukraine. Michael says, “They are devastated at the bombardment and destruction of the city they called home just two years ago, and where friends and family are still trying to survive.”  

Michael and Lisa report that lessons are going well and the eight adults (so far) are enthusiastic about learning English. He says they are enterprising and some already have part time jobs. Nice to know that our neighbours are helping these deserving folks. 

In other news, how about taking in a Songbird Forest Concert? On Sunday, June 19, at 1 p.m., noted Elphinstone musician Celso Machado will perform at the second concert in the unique Songbird Forest Concert Series. Sponsored by the Living Forest Institute, each concert will “present a learning opportunity emphasizing the connection between sound, emotion and place.” A short hike to a forest stage will conclude with Brazilian guitarist and composer Celso Machado performing his own unique music that incorporates global music traditions – what a magical treat! Find out more at 

The Gibsons & District Public Library and Transportation Choices Sunshine Coast (TraC) will host the launch of a new guide to cycling the Sunshine Coast on June 29 at 6:30 p.m.  Author Colleen MacDonald will present her third book, Let’s Go Biking Vancouver Island, Gulf Islands & Sunshine Coast, with more than 100 on and off-road routes from flat scenic trails to quiet country roads. There will be a door prize for a free copy of the book. TraC members will be on hand to answer questions about local cycling infrastructure – we could sure use better bike infrastructure, so let’s support what TraC does! Contact Lise Kreps at  604-886-2130 to register.  

And finally, here’s two surveys the SCRD would like to hear from you about; the first one needs to be completed by June 23 and is all about recreation, whether you use recreation facilities or not. It’s an easy survey to complete – go to:  

The water strategy survey, to be filled out by June 30, requires more time to complete: Why not have your say? 

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