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Creating community library opportunities

Far left: Bruce Pond, Natalya Gunde, Phil Harrison (Sunshine Coast Camera Club). Far right: Leianne Emery, Jessica Kraus (Sechelt Public Library)

Opportunities are around every corner! After completing improvements in our library’s magazine/computer section, we knew our walls were going to be bare. The Sunshine Coast Camera Club has many great photographers producing beautiful works of art. This became the perfect opportunity to partner upward. 

Through a grant, the library purchased nine large frames with custom matting from the Sechelt frame shop then had our trusty finishing carpenter use his laser to hang them perfectly. At the same time, the Sunshine Coast Camera Club (open to anyone who loves photography) held a competition amongst all its members for the opportunity to adorn our walls with their photos. To keep it fresh and exciting, the camera club will hold a new competition in the spring, giving library patrons the opportunity to enjoy a new view. We welcome everyone to come on in and see the beauty! 

Libraries exist to serve communities. Beyond the traditional services we provide, it’s also important for us to be involved in our community through programs and partnerships. In addition to the camera club, we have partnered with the art students at Chatelech Secondary to hang pieces of art each school semester. We love that such unique work made by local teens now adorns the walls of the teen section. 

A more unexpected partnership, months in the making, was the Service Canada/CRA “Super Clinic” held on Oct. 27. Feeling that there was a lack of regular Service Canada hours here on the Coast, we decided to pursue this collaborative opportunity. In our inaugural “Super Clinic” at Sechelt Library, 35 people were personally served by the Service Canada / CRA team that came from Vancouver. Many community members were thrilled to avoid trips to the city and the long line-ups that follow. We are now arranging another Super Clinic for early 2024.   

Sechelt Library continues to look for unique opportunities that compliment what we do as a “traditional library.” For us, it’s all about how we can serve our community best. This may be as simple as finding a ukulele to borrow and a local teacher to learn how to play it. Or possibly it’s the World Foods online database to tempt your international taste buds. Soon to come, and holding a special place in our hearts, we will have Cognitive Care Kits available for caregivers of people with dementia or other cognitive issues. 

Libraries go well beyond supplying books. In serving our community, we create opportunities. Thank you for supporting your local library.