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Letter: Quality ferry service for B.C. starts at the terminal

What's your experience like with BC Ferries? One letter writer believes it should partner with other transit authorities to mitigate capacity conundrums.
The flag of BC Ferries. | File photo

The Editor:

The key to the long term viability of BC Ferries is to prioritize the foot passenger experience.

This includes improving the terminal waiting facilities, onboard experience and, most crucially the transit integration on both sides of the ferry journey.

BC Ferries is acting as a car transporting service and not as part of a public transit network.

If more passengers travelled without a car, the current capacity issues would be greatly mitigated.

At the moment, however, the passenger lounges are cramped, dirty, scruffy and unpleasant; public transit connections are crowded and slow, leaving little incentive to leave a vehicle behind.

BC Ferries should partner with BC Transit, TransLink and other agencies to improve the transit offering to and from terminals (including, where possible a high capacity, frequent articulated bus shuttle service) and invest heavily in improving the terminal experience for foot passengers.

That is the only way British Columbians will get a quality ferry service.

- Ed Healey