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One million from BC Professional Fire Fighters’ Burn Fund to child burn care unit BC Children’s Hospital

“This is a significant moment for the incredible teams at BC Children’s Hospital."
Fire fighters car fire-cropped
Firefighting. Barry Kerton/BL

A commitment of $1 million has been made to BC Children’s Hospital Foundation from the BC Professional Fire Fighters Burn Fund to support specialized care for young patients with burn injuries in BC.

The newly named BC Professional Fire Fighters’ Burn Care Suite will be upgraded and enhanced to better meet patient needs, creating a purposeful environment that promotes healing and recovery.

“Children recovering from a burn injury are faced with many challenges, both physically and emotionally. Our multidisciplinary burn care team is walking alongside patients and families during a very overwhelming time, helping to navigate their fears, anxiety, and physical healing,” says Dr. Sally Hynes, Burn Director at BC Children’s Hospital.

“The investment in burn care will improve the experience for families. Creating a more healing environment surrounded by experts and specialists can mean a patient reflects on the positive moments of being cared for, as opposed to moments of trauma.”

Each year, BC Children’s Hospital sees more than 900 kids for new burn injuries and follow up treatment. Children with burn injuries require specialized care and a highly trained team of experts to not only treat the physical injuries, but also to care for the emotional well-being of both the patient and the family.

“This is a significant moment for the incredible teams at BC Children’s Hospital as well as for BC’s professional fire fighters who champion the Burn Fund’s mission of supporting burn survivors through every step of their healing journey,” says Gord Ditchburn, President of the BC Professional Fire Fighter’s Association.

“We know first-hand the challenges that many patients with burn injuries face, particularly kids grappling with the physical pain and overwhelming emotions. We’re honoured to work with the incredible experts at BC Children’s Hospital who share our passion for delivering expert care."

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