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Attempted murder charge dropped in Horseshoe Bay stabbing

A 33-year Chase woman was charged in June with the attempted murder of her husband following a late-night altercation in a West Van motel room. All charges have now been dropped.
Horseshoe Bay Motel sign
An attempted murder charge has been dropped against a Chase women who police said allegedly stabbed her husband in a motel room in Horseshoe Bay June 14, 2022.

Charges have been dropped against a 33-year-old Chase woman who was accused of the attempted murder of her husband following a late-night altercation at a Horseshoe Bay motel, June 14.

Police were called to a room at the Horseshoe Bay Motel on Royal Avenue between 10:30 and 11 p.m. that night after receiving a report of a stabbing during a violent dispute between a couple staying at the motel.

When officers arrived, they found the common-law husband of the woman suffering from superficial injuries that did not require hospitalization, said Sgt. Mark McLean, spokesperson for the West Vancouver Police Department at the time. He added that information learned by investigators about the motive for the stabbing led to the more serious charge.

Dakota Jasmin Grinder was subsequently charged with attempted murder of her common-law husband by stabbing, as well as using or threatening to use a weapon in committing an assault, and assault causing bodily harm. She was released on bail on June 28.

On July 27, Crown counsel entered a stay of proceedings on all charges stemming from the incident.

A spokesman from the Crown prosecutors’ office said charges had been stayed as there was “no longer a substantial likelihood of conviction.”

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