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Hold on to your... trampoline! Windstorm hits Vancouver Island overnight

A windstorm sends trampoline tumbling on Vancouver Island.
A trampoline flips over during a windstorm on Vancouver Island.

A Langford resident spotted an unusual site on their drive to work early Tuesday morning. 

Alisha Curtis says she was driving at about 5:30 a.m. near Happy Valley Road and Latoria Road when she saw a trampoline flipped onto a lamp post. 

"My first reaction was confused and shocked and then I put the car in reverse to take a better look," she says.

Luckily, no one was hurt, Curtis says, and the trampoline didn't hit any vehicles that were parked on the road. 

Environment Canada says winds were around 60 kilometres per hour on Vancouver Island and could have been higher overnight. 

"An unstable cold front moved through. We have thunderstorms on the Vancouver side and all across the Interior, but none on Vancouver Island," says Environment Canada's Doug Lundquist.

The overnight storm was "pretty typical," according to Lundquist. 

"We should be more careful to have our lawn chairs and trampolines really secured because they can kind of act like sails," he tells Glacier Media. 

Curtis says there is some damage to the lamp post.