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Lightning strikes captured over Vancouver during intense thunderstorm (PHOTOS & VIDEO)

The accompanying storm also took out power for hundreds of homes across the Lower Mainland

Many were woken by either roaring thunder or the cracking of lighting in a dramatic electrical display that took to the skies over the Lower Mainland last night. 

Along with the lightning came strong winds that reports say made the accompanying rain come down sideways. BC Hydro has listed lightning strikes and fallen trees as the culprits behind several recent power outages. The outages have affected over a thousand residences in Richmond, Chilliwack and Surrey, the largest outage being in North Vancouver with 1,440 affected.

Certainly wouldn't want to be caught up in that! 

According to Environment Canada's Vancouver forecast, while the rest of the day looks to be mainly cloudy, we may not be entirely out of the woods with risk of more thunderstorms throughout the day and especially in the evening.

If that happens, feel free to keep us posted with your lightning videos and photos!