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Well, I don’t like it the way it is



Like M. Young of Roberts Creek (“I’ll take the bridge,” Aug. 4), I too do not like the way it is on the Southern Sunshine Coast as far as not being able to access the Lower Mainland at any time. I don’t know where C. Clark of Gibsons (“We like it the way it is,” Aug. 18) comes off using the royal “we” in his or her statement about liking the totally ferry-dependent communities of the Lower Coast. When I first moved here 21 years ago, I made a remark about wondering where the wharf was in Sechelt’s Trail Bay and why was it we didn’t have a community pool, and I was told to move back to the North Shore. I am in complete agreement with M. Young and I know I am not alone. Can’t take in a Canucks, Lions or Whitecaps game because of the damned ferry schedules, which can’t be depended on even if they’re running. Having a toll bridge crossing would be the economic stimulus the Coast needs. Grandparents would be visited more often too with the guaranteed 24/7 access. As far as C. Clark’s “Chicken Little” cries about the Coast coming to an end with big box stores, that would be a blessing, as then I could shop locally more often.

Doug Hockley, West Sechelt