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The meaning of soccer



We would like to give a big shout out to the local youth soccer association. Watching our son play his last spring league soccer game on a sunny Friday evening at Shirley Macey and realizing it was a “last time,” we fondly absorbed what soccer has meant to our family over the past 14 years. Memories of our daughter flying down right wing at rain-swept Hackett, and now the casual philosophy of Spring League producing some of the best words you will ever hear: “Come play with us.” This is music to any soccer-playing kid on a sunny Friday evening. The varied soccer opportunities on the Coast really do build relationships and great competitive experiences.

As we left the field that evening we realized that moving to Gibsons had been a good idea. When you are young parents, all you really want is your kids to love childhood and embrace the camaraderie. Watching our son take off his stinky Yellow uniform and run off with a bunch of Red ones, we knew that Sunshine Coast Soccer had cemented our goals as parents. Our gratitude to all the coaches, officials and organizers for making childhood in Gibsons a little bit better.

Ian, Carolyn, Rebecca and Duncan Armstrong, Gibsons