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Shoal Bay resurrected

Dead and buried two weeks ago, the Shoal Bay development slated for Gibsons Landing has been resurrected.

Dead and buried two weeks ago, the Shoal Bay development slated for Gibsons Landing has been resurrected.

At council Tuesday night, councillors and staff accepted a new application from developer Grant Gillies and have vowed to take extra steps to get as much public input as possible in the hopes of approving the development.

There will be open public participation and staff will be working with Gillies to set up that process. Council and staff will be involved in the first few sessions with the public to ensure that everything is working well and that public input is being taken seriously.

It's a good plan and a step in the right direction. We applaud the Town for taking this approach and applaud Gillies for sticking with this proposal.

Many developers might have walked away after receiving the kind of negative treatment Gillies did from some in the community, but Gillies took all the information presented at the public information meetings and public hearing, spoke with a few of the citizens who had negative comments about the development and the design in general, and decided to give it another shot - and we're glad he did.

The Gibsons Harbour area needs development - the right development that the whole community can be proud of. We felt Gillies was on track the first time, but the overwhelming negative reaction by many residents said otherwise. Now we all have a second chance to get this right. We're urging all citizens of Gibsons to get involved in this process. Whether you are for or against this development, get out to the public meetings, voice your concerns, offer suggestions. You don't always get a second chance to make a wrong a right. We now have that chance. Don't blow it.

Habitat hearingNext Wednesday is a big night for Habitat for Humanity.

Their proposed Sunshine Coast Village development in Wilson Creek is up for public discussion at the District of Sechelt public hearing.

A good response from the community speaking positively of this development means that council could approve the development by early March, signalling the start of another affordable housing project for the Sunshine Coast.

This must be approved and approved soon. If you support this proposal, get out to the hearing and urge council to move this forward. Affordable housing is badly needed in this community. Here's our chance to help address that problem.