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Poorly conceived idea

Editor: BC Ferries’ latest proposal to make Route 3 a 95 per cent reservations system is missing a big point.


BC Ferries’ latest proposal to make Route 3 a 95 per cent reservations system is missing a big point. We here on the Lower Sunshine Coast need easy access to the mainland, and adopting a 95 per cent reservation system is not the answer for most of us who actually use the ferry. The answer was always a second ship with hourly departures during high usage. Again, BC Ferries is attempting to skirt the need of a second ship by coming up with this poorly conceived idea.

Our community is under greater pressure now more than ever with so many making the move to the Coast. A considerable number of trips to town involve taking an early ferry and returning on the sailing that most suits a day in Vancouver, with the arrival time back at the terminal to be determined and not usually planned to the minute. The other issue is dropping the easy-to-use Experience Card (which does save time and money) and adopting only users with valid credit-card access to the ferry system. Really BC Ferries, you need to live on the Sunshine Coast for a while and see how access to the ferry is so important and an only-reservation system just does not cut it.

Bert & Bernice Hogendoorn, Sechelt