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Peoplekind strikes again



Re: “Community group wants ban on crabbing, fishing at Davis Bay wharf,” Nov. 22.

Is anyone else tired of these peoplekind trying to restrict other people’s lives?

I for one am sick of it!

The whole point of moving to the Coast is to enjoy the open-air lifestyle. If you don’t like fishing then go hiking, biking, mushroom picking, wildlife watching, or hunting. Go boating, kayaking, paddle boarding, scuba diving – whatever your interest, do it.

If you’re going to ban fishing, then close Dakota Ridge – think of the damage to the ecolife. And close the biking trails – they cause environmental damage. Close the fish farms, close walking trails and the Secret Cove boardwalk.

Seriously, where does it stop? Would the peoplekind be happier if we all move into one large apartment and stay inside?

It’s time governments stop the madness. People are not the same – we all need our space and to be able to enjoy our hobbies. If someone is breaking the law, let the police, fisheries and conservation officers do their job.

Bruce Eagles, Sechelt