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More dog problems raise concern

Problem dogs and, even more so, problem owners are becoming a real issue on the Coast.

Problem dogs and, even more so, problem owners are becoming a real issue on the Coast.

This isn't the first time we have used this space to talk about dogs, dog attacks or irresponsible owners - and the way things are going it probably won't be the last.

In our letters section this week we have two submissions that call into question these problems.

One is from a lady in Gibsons who tells about a dog that attacked her child while she was walking home from school. The dog was not tied.

Had it not been for the quick action of witnesses to the attack, who knows what unspeakable injuries might have been caused to the young girl?

Thankfully, she will be okay, at least physically. But the emotional scars left from this incident could be forever etched in the child's memory.

Another letter relates an incident involving a dog owner and his run-in with several joggers and their leashed dog last weekend in Cliff Gilker Park.

If this letter is accurate (there are always two sides to every story), we're wondering which school of etiquette this person graduated from.

The dog owner was rude and abusive to the runners, acting as if he owned the park.

This type of behaviour is disgusting, and no one should have to be put through the abuse described.

These dog attacks and incidents with irresponsible owners are becoming a tired and sad story, but some people seem to be clueless.

What is it going to take - someone getting attacked and killed by a dog before certain dog owners wise up?

Just because you own a dog, that doesn't give you the right to harass people in a public park. And if you have a dog in your yard, have it properly secured.

These aren't complicated messages, so why isn't anyone listening?