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As a long-time resident of Gibsons, I find it offensive that a resident of Area F, whose group’s direct legal actions during the past four years cost the taxpayers of Gibsons tens of thousands of dollars in frivolous lawsuits, is running for council. All lawsuits were dismissed.

In addition, countless requests for paper documentation, most of which were available online, wasted three years of staff time. This needless expenditure and effort depleted both financial and human resources of the Town, and prevented delivery of improvements and services to the residents of Gibsons.

You should be aware that she is a candidate for Gibsons council.

Before casting your all-important vote for Gibsons council, please verify each candidate’s true credentials, their evidence of working to benefit our town, and, most importantly, where they pay taxes.

Beryl Kern, Gibsons

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