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Letters: We carry collective blame for housing crisis

child and parent with a house in their hands


Very sad to see the outcome of the mini-RV park controversy here in Roberts Creek.    

I don’t live here full time but I have considerable sympathy for folks trying to find an affordable way to live here on the Coast. Who doesn’t?  

This is a problem I have encountered time and again wherever I have worked as a professional registered social worker, whether it was North Vancouver, Vancouver, Toronto or here.  

I stand in solidarity with all people who need an affordable place to call home, while also appreciating how the circumstances placed the SCRD in a virtually untenable position. 

This case speaks to the failure of the federal government, which abandoned the National Affordable Housing Program in the 1990s. Why doesn’t Canada have a permanent national co-op housing program? And why don’t we have abundant co-op housing here on the Coast? The failure is a collective one and we are to blame, in my view.  

Sincerely and respectfully, 
John Richmond 
Coast Care Consulting