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Letter: Try a positive spin on beach use signage

Residents in Roberts Creek noticed last month that a sign was erected at the Gulf Road beach access that warned that the trail cannot be used between dusk and dawn. The sign has since been removed.


The following letter was addressed to SCRD staff and shared with Coast Reporter.  

I am writing regarding the recently erected sign at the Gulf Road trail access in Roberts Creek, which I have heard has been removed.

I am empathetic to the issues of neighbourhood disturbance, noisy beach parties and garbage, however the sign was negative and the threat of a $2,000 fine for trail use between dusk and dawn was offensive and would do nothing to stop objectionable behaviour. All it did was paint all of us with the same brush.

I understand the parks department is considering the issues and planning new signage. I would like to suggest a more positive approach. Try welcoming people to enjoy the beach/shoreline, list the allowed activities (ie. smoking on the beach only, beach fire guidelines along with a request that people bring a bucket to put out their fires etc.) and ask that people respect the peace of the neighbours. Placing regularly emptied receptacles at the head of each trail would help with the garbage problem.

This approach might not work with everyone but the opposite approach works with no one and just makes our community seem like a negative and unwelcoming place.

I would also like to point out that neighbours themselves play a part in a peaceful existence with trail users and the respect goes both ways. 

Yvonne Mounsey 

Roberts Creek