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Letters: This won’t solve water supply


To follow up on Bruce Eagle’s letter regarding water supply on the Sunshine Coast, I am not only saddened but am appalled with the SCRD and politicians at all levels of government regarding their actions on this issue. 

Out of concern, I attended the open house on May 25 at Seaside Centre titled “Help shape a Water Strategy.” With all the staff and display boards, all I was informed was that advances to increase water supply were the Church Road Well project and water meter installations. Being disappointed, I went on the website, filled out the survey and registered for the SCRD Water Strategy Roundtable Discussion to be held June 16 from 6 to 7:30 p.m. at the Sechelt Aquatic Centre. As this was limited to four to eight participants, I expected to have a lively and meaningful discussion regarding potential new and secure water supply from Cloholm lake or Sakinaw Lake. There were two staff members and five residents in attendance. When I raised the issue of these potential new water sources, neither the staff or other residents showed any interest. The resulting discussion was meaningless with regard to solving our water problem. Again a waste of time. 

I believe that until the public wakes up and holds our elected officials and senior staff to be more accountable in resolving the water supply problem, we will be having this same discussion for the next 20 years and the SCRD staff will be happy to hold more meetings. 

Brian Hulme, Sechelt