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Letter: The housing shortage isn't going away – look elsewhere for housing

And woman carrying a packing box into her new home


I read the letters and posts on the internet about a shortage of housing on the Sunshine Coast and unfortunately this issue will not be resolved anytime soon.  

There are just not enough places to rent and rents are high. It is simply supply and demand.  

If you cannot find a place to live you will have to look elsewhere. I know you can buy an apartment in Alberta for under $150,000 and a mortgage payment will only be $700 or less per month. You can rent a house in Manitoba for under $800 per month or less. If you are unhappy with your situation, there are alternatives and you need to decide what is best for your situation. Canada is a massive country and there are boundless opportunities for those prepared to work and relocate. My daughter is making $1,000 per day in Fox Creek. My friend is making $58 per hour in Fort Mac. Neither one owned a house five years ago. Now today they both own two. If you can barely afford to live and are able-bodied please rethink your situation as you live in the land of gold.  

Russ Alfreds, Sechelt