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Letters: Suggestions for those running with dogs

Dogs running with a stick outside in the dirt. Playing in an off leash dog park on a sunny summer day. Poodle, husky, shepherd, retriever, mutt, mix.


To the young man who runs with his dog on OBE: 

On Friday, June 3, I was walking with my dog along OBE just in front of Bonniebrook Lodge. It was a quiet, cloudy day and I was lost in my thoughts. You came running up behind us, startling my dog who reacted defensively, bolting and going after your dog.  

I am a senior with some balance challenges, so down I went onto the road. I scraped both elbows and had the wind knocked out of me. I hadn’t heard you approach from behind.  

You stopped and got hold of my dog by his leash, and you were kind, patient and polite, which I appreciated. However, I would like to suggest a few things to you and others who run with their dogs: 

Keep them leashed, as this young man had done; 

When approaching anyone, especially if they have a dog of any size, pass at as large a radius as possible if you want to keep up your pace; 

If that isn’t possible, as in when on a road, call out a heads up, and slow down and wait until that person acknowledges your approach.    

I’ve been out of commission since Friday because I bruised my ribs and knee in the fall.  

At such a busy time of year, this is most regrettable. If there had been any cars on the road, It might have been even more so.  

J. & S. Oxley 
Area E