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Letters: Stronger action against pesticides needed

An aerial view of a crop duster spraying (usually fertilizers, pesticides, and/or fungicides), while flying low over a large agricultural farm’s fields.


Re: letter April 7, 2023, Dr. Anna Arsenault “Shift our lawn obsession”. 

Thank you to Dr. Arsenault, for her very pertinent letter. A good reminder that we are all community, including insects, birds and wildlife. In this day, to believe that what we do in our own yards, e.g. pesticides, won’t affect our neighbours, flora and fauna, our immediate part of the planet, I find unfathomable. It is time our local government(s) took stronger action and banned chemicals, particularly “Roundup”. The facts are out there, even if the only evidence is that pesticides are kept under lock and key at our local stores. Especially now, we need every positive contributor to our endangered ecosystems, particularly our bees. 

Uli Hadeler 

Halfmoon Bay