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Letters: Senseless cutting


While on one of our favorite walks today, along the Sechelt waterfront boulevard, we were shocked to come across this scene of total destruction of two old fir trees. These sentinels were examples of why that area was designated for a park.

Not only were we and others who also stood there in disbelief that the new owners would cut these old trees down but that Sechelt would allow this. Some suggested even Richmond had laws preventing the cutting of trees without permission. How about Sechelt!?

These apparently healthy, beautiful, straight standing trees, were enjoyed by many humans, birds and wildlife to say nothing about stabilizing the man-made berm these houses are built on.

With the climate change, we need to keep our trees, or like the two life-sized carved bear cubs who clung to those trees for years, we will also find ourselves homeless.

Will Sechelt eventually be defined as a concrete jungle covered in colour coded trash cans?

Do we have a bylaw to protect our trees and the environment that most of us moved here to enjoy? Stop this senseless cutting of trees.

Don Kernan,  ts'uk̲w'um