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Letters: Reprehensible inclusion


I find it reprehensible that the Coast Reporter could even conceive of giving a “sleigh-full of kisses to the brave souls who demonstrate for medical freedom Saturdays in Davis Bay.” [Submitted to Kisses and Kicks Jan. 7 issue.]

I can’t imagine how this ill-guided approval benefits anyone; unvaccinated people are only prolonging the pandemic. To many people, the protesters are uninformed and uneducated and they are a prime example of the trend to a ‘we to me’ philosophy: Who cares if the elderly or compromised gets sick and die? Not them. Freedom of speech is one thing, but selfishness doesn’t even begin to explain their behaviour. I’ll bet they all got their childhood vaccinations though. I suggest they spend some time speaking with health care workers or teachers on the front line. If it were possible, they should spend an afternoon in an Intensive Care Unit at a hospital instead of insulting all those who have made great sacrifices during this pandemic.

Ron Hemmings, Gibsons