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Letters: Recommendations for better transit


The following letter was addressed to BC Transit and shared with Coast Reporter. 

We would like to take this opportunity to express our gratitude for your endeavour to provide high quality and much needed public transportation services to the residents of the Sunshine Coast. The Sunshine Coast Labour Council represents thousands of unionized workers on the Coast who are committed to serving as frontline workers. We advocate for not only the labour community but also strive to seek equity, inclusion and diversity for our coastal residents and users of public services.  

I was pleased to discover our HandyDart program on the Sunshine Coast is publicly operated under BC Transit Service, which is owned and operated by the SCRD public programming. While there is much positive feedback and advantages in continuing our transportation system in the public, such as friendly, well trained and skilled drivers, meeting schedule demands and daily services to SCACL’s day programs, I have also noted some challenges and some recommendations for improvement. 

Recommendations to HandyDart Services: 

• Increasing service hours and dates to accommodate medical appointments in the city  

• Widening services geographically to accommodate residents in presently underserved areas  

• Reducing lengthy waiting periods for new registrants to access services 

Recommendations to BC Transit Services: 

• Adding bus service from Langdale to Earls Cove at least once daily and at least a few days per week. Daily would be preferable. 

• Adding night time bus services to help keep the elderly, shift workers and the vulnerable population safe  

The SCLC is requesting that the BC Transit Program conduct a survey among both current and potential user groups on the Coast, asking for their input on improving scheduling in order to enhance ridership. 

Should you have any questions about our recommendations, I am happy to lend support in sustaining public BC Transit Services on the Sunshine Coast. 

Miyuki Shinkai, SCLC president