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Letters: ‘Picture This’


I’m in a local cafe. A guy enters, he’s in the prime of life, he stops short, he shouts to the proprietor: “Should I wear a mask?”  

“Your call!” replies the boss. 

The patron retreats to his car and returns a minute later sporting a mask. 

“You can’t be too careful,” says the boss. “I’ve been double-vaxxed and still caught the COVID. Did you hear that Trudeau has it again? Damn good thing we’re vaccinated.” 

“You bet,” says the customer. “I’m triple-vaxxed and caught it twice. And I have a friend who’s fully vaxxed with two boosters and COVID caught him twice. Then he had a stroke. That COVID can clog your arteries. You should get a booster, my friend.” 

So, the question is -- what’s wrong with this picture? 

Warm regards
PJ Reece, Gibsons