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Letters: I’ll tell you what’s wrong with this picture


This letter is in response to the post from PJ Reece; “What’s Wrong with this Picture.” 

Initially, most people felt that getting vaccinated would prevent COVID, and that might have been the case in the beginning. We now know that while you may still get COVID if vaccinated, your illness will be far less severe and you have a much lower chance of ending up in the ICU. Vaccinations work. Period. End of discussion. Besides, this is a relatively new vaccination and will get better with time. 

As for wearing masks inside, they reduce the chances of catching COVID by over 80 per cent. 

So what is wrong with this picture is that there are still people out there who try to minimize the effectiveness of vaccines and masks, and try to spread misinformation about the usefulness of these health measures. That is the real problem. 


Joseph Andrews, Sechelt