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Letters: Grotesque eyesore needs to be dealt with



A few months ago, a huge piece of heavy equipment (some logging contraption no doubt) was dumped on the roadside on Highway 101 in West Sechelt at the edge of what is known as “The Golden Mile” (haha!). Not only does this piece of heavy equipment present a danger to the cyclists riding on the roadside, but it has started to attract “fly-tipping” and sarcastic graffiti, which speak volumes not only to the irresponsibility of some of our fellow residents but is testament to the dismal negligence and “who-cares” culture of our local leadership.  Summer is coming with its contingent of tourists who will discover the underbelly––quite literally––of our community. What does it take to call the appropriate road maintenance service and deal with the grotesque eyesore and public danger that is lying there for everybody to see? See the photo to judge by yourself.   

Paulette Caillé, Sechelt