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Letters: Green bin confusion


I note a discussion in the Coast Reporter two weeks ago, in which a District of Sechelt spokesperson said that putting anything other than food waste in the green bin contaminated the contents of the bin and reduced the revenue that was available for the municipality.

I also noted that Waste Management has reduced the number of garden waste bags allowed at one time to three.  

As one who has quite a bit of gardening to do, the number of bags I have often filled exceeds three by (sometimes) as many as fourteen, even using the green bin as a helper. What has changed?

For the seven years we have been here, filling the green bin has not apparently been a problem, but suddenly the green bin will be contaminated if we add garden waste?  I have always thought that with a bin that size, filling it with damp kitchen waste would take months, and would render it too heavy to move.

As for the bags, why the sudden limit?  One possible conclusion is that Waste Management would like to do less work for the same money. The new rules certainly diminish the usefulness of what has been a great system for us for seven years!

Don Halward, Davis Bay, Sechelt