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Letters: Gower Point Road safety is not gentrification


Imagine believing that a public road is meant only for vehicle drivers, and that making it safe and comfortable for cyclists and pedestrian users as well is an example of “gentrification.”

Offended at the prospect of a multi-use path, crosswalk and other traffic calming measures applied to Gower Point Road, a writer last week seemed under the impression that “Gospel Rock walkers” and cyclists who use or would like to use this rural route are a somehow illegitimate and elitist outside group. To the contrary, we are your neighbours who just want what is already ours: the right to travel safely within our community, on or adjacent to the roadways that belong to all of us.

When drivers show disdain for the access needs of other road users, they make a strong case for the need to calm driver behaviour with physical infrastructure.

David Weintraub, Gibsons