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Letters: Gas shouldn’t be higher on the Sunshine Coast than in the Lower Mainland

Fuel oil gasoline dispenser at petrol filling station.Holding fuel nozzle to refuel gasoline for car.


I am writing regarding the endless gas gouging we are experiencing in Gibsons. 

As I write this letter April 21 the price of gas is still 209.9 as it was on March 14, when I drove to the Vancouver airport and the price of gas in South Vancouver was 195.9. 

A trip to the Cariboo over the Easter weekend showed the price of gas at The 108 Ranch was 179.9.  When I returned to the Coast, the price of gas in Gibsons was holding at 209.9. 

Recently there was an article in the Coast Reporter explaining to readers why our prices are so high. Russia, of course, even though, B.C. doesn’t get any oil from Russia. Transportation, even though it costs much more to drive a tanker to the Cariboo than barge one to the Sunshine Coast. Shortages, the gas companies are nervous there could be some, and then the refineries – there are so few. It seems to me is that the gas companies’ nervousness and their many excuses are used to continue their gouging, and their increased profits received to assuage their anxiety. 

It is important for Sunshine Coast residents to keep in mind two things: all the explanations, reasons, and excuses for why our gas has to be the most expensive in the country are really just gas company attempts at justification for more gouging, and that the Sunshine Coast pays less tax on gas than the Lower Mainland and therefore should always have lower prices, not 20 to 30 cents per litre higher. 

Charlene Penner, Roberts Creek