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Letters: Gas prices followup needed



High time, I thought, that we had an investigative report about our local gas prices, but I was disappointed that last week’s article failed to address why the cost on the Coast is so much higher than regions not so distant from here. 

I’m sure that that industry representatives gave a polished explanation of the various elements adding up to retail prices in B.C., but one suspects that significant profits at various points along the line are being made at our expense. 

It is interesting that in 2013-2014 when the oil price was over $100/bbl our gas prices were very much lower than today. Since then, we’ve had an increase in the carbon tax, but that is relatively minor compared with the hikes we’ve seen. 

Like those living on Vancouver Island, we pay for the shipping of gas by barge – likely in the order of 2¢/litre. But we don’t pay the 18.8¢/litre BC Transit tax, which is levied on gas in the Lower Mainland. So why are our prices so much higher than in Vancouver and even on Vancouver Island where prices are in the order of 26¢/litre less than here as I write? 

These are the questions that still need answers. How about a follow up? 

Julian Taylor, Gibsons