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Letters: Extend consultation for HM70


We are writing to support Robert O’Neill and his request for more public consultation and input on upcoming provincial 10-year logging quotas (including HM70) here on our Sunshine Coast.  

Every day, we see more and more logging trucks carrying mature trees that have been felled with the endorsement of our NDP government. To replace them will take decades. During the past winter, we have experienced the consequences of climate change with record rainfall, severe flooding and massive erosion that has wiped out roads and damaged innumerable properties. Forests prevent landslides and filter the air we breathe. Clear-cutting is not only reckless profiteering, it is at the expense of sustainability, profit over people, and our future generations. We entreat you to extend the HM70 consultation process (and any others affecting our Coast), to one that includes us, the people who live here, pay taxes and who vote. 

Lynne Doupe Gonzalez and 
Jaime Gonzalez, Langdale