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Letters: Disregard for peace and quiet


Our family bought a property and built a home. We dreamed of building an art studio, and three more homes on the property to rent. 

That was 14 years ago. Now, we are giving up this dream and even the possibility of living on the property as it is situated next to a kennel. Yes, we did our due diligence and read the noise and kennel bylaws, which seemed very clear: “A kennel may not permit any dog to cry, bark, yelp or howl in a manner that disturbs or tends to disturb the quiet, peace, rest or enjoyment, comfort or convenience of the neighbourhood, or of persons in the vicinity.” 

Now imagine hearing multiple dogs barking and howling for hours on end, often beginning before 7 a.m. and carrying on until 9 p.m., with barely an hour or two of respite. On occasion it has gone on all night. 

In spite of hundreds of noise and bylaw complaints by multiple neighbours, the kennel has not received a single ticket, as far as we know. For years the SCRD has said they are “working on it” and have asked us to be patient. 

As a group of kennel neighbours, we have tried to work on solutions with the owners. 

Despite the near constant disregard for our rights to peace, quiet, and enjoyment, it seems the bylaws are unenforceable — which makes me question the validity of any of our bylaws. 

Where do we go from here? 

We have been respectful and incredibly patient neighbours, but this feels unfair and hopeless. 

Laurie O’Byrne, Roberts Creek