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Letters: Disadvantages of Sunshine Coast bridge conspicuously ignored

'Building a bridge would destroy everything that makes this place special!'
file photo, North Shore News


I am writing in response to Hal Lindhagen’s letter titled “Building a bridge is the sustainable solution,” particularly his final statement that the disadvantages “seem conspicuously absent.”  I would suggest they have been conspicuously ignored! 

Just off the top of my head, I can think of several disadvantages to building a bridge that would connect us to the Lower Mainland: 

- The loss of habitat and natural places for our wildlife, and us, that would occur when our population and development explodes; 

- loss of our small town culture, which is what many of us value more than convenience; 

- the strain on our infrastructure which is already stretched to the limit for a good six months of the year or more; 

- the increase in carbon emissions due to increased vehicle trips to and from the Coast because of the “convenience” of a bridge. And just a note, if our ferries are repurposed to provide more access to Vancouver Island then there would not be any reduction in ferry emissions at all. 

- the environmental impact and ecosystem disruption or destruction that would occur when building a bridge over our beautiful Salish Sea.  I do not see how this would not have a negative impact. 

I have spent almost my whole life either visiting or living here on the Sunshine Coast.  We moved here permanently 33 years ago because it was a beautiful place to raise our children where we weren’t surrounded by asphalt and concrete. Over the years, I have learned so much about the natural world and to really appreciate and value it! Building a bridge would destroy everything that makes this place special! 

Becky Wayte 

Halfmoon Bay