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Letters: Bathroom issue lacks context


Inclusion is a tricky word used widely now as a solution to all social issues. But does “inclusion” really include everyone? 

When men are included in women’s single sex spaces, do all women feel included? 

Statistics continue to show women disproportionately suffer violence and abuse at the hands of men. Stating that female students deserve single sex space within bathrooms and change rooms is not discriminatory. 

It’s common sense. Demanding that universal bathrooms are “inclusive” is a dog whistle to the real issues. 

One being the safety, privacy and dignity of female students. 

Secondly, fiscal responsibility. 

The Coast Reporter and School Board fail to mention that Chatelech already provides several single-user bathrooms and that many of the gendered bathrooms are in disrepair and consistently locked. The bathrooms slated to be renovated as “universal” are the newest, most functional and most used in the school. 

Why is SD46 choosing to remove these bathrooms when funds would be better spent renovating the derelict bathrooms throughout the school? 

I’m starting to wonder how many folks participating in this conversation have toured the school to get a clear understanding of the issues. 

The Coast Reporter did not tour Chatelech before printing their original story, nor did they reach out to the PAC, which had a meeting on May 6 addressing the bathrooms, and at which I was present. 

At that meeting Chair Amaral confirmed Chatelech’s change rooms are next to be renovated as universal. 

It’s important to note, in my discussions with parents and students, the majority were unaware of this “renovation” and were not consulted. 

I find the lack of balance and context in the reporting of this issue to be deeply concerning and divisive. 

Is our school board putting the performative before the common sense? 

Tracy Uchida, Halfmoon Bay