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Letters: Appalling lack of terminal washrooms

“Are we there yet? I have to go pee! Please stop!” “We are almost at the Horseshoe Bay Ferry Terminal. You can go when we get there!” Nothing could be further from the truth.


“Are we there yet?  I have to go pee!  Please stop!” 

“We are almost at the Horseshoe Bay Ferry Terminal.  You can go when we get there!” 

Nothing could be further from the truth.  Not only is the washroom in the middle of the ferry terminal still closed for repairs, the signs telling us are so weathered and old they will soon need to be replaced, but the upper washroom is now barred and locked. After wheeling myself over in my wheelchair, after surgery at Lion’s Gate, we needed assistance to bump me over the curb, no wheelchair friendly ramp, to find out this washroom is securely locked and closed. In discomfort, to be wheeled down to the bottom of the terminal where usually only one filthy stall is open was not an option.  

As we were parked nearby the locked upper washroom facility it was upsetting to see the constant stream of people making their way to the washrooms.  Some pulled and pulled on the locked door, shocked and angry. Some were led, with assistance, pushing walkers. Many seniors limped over. Parents with small children were left with carrying their child into the terminal itself; a long walk carrying a squirming infant. The only ones who were successful were the able-bodied young men who climbed the chain link fence and did their business on the other side.  

This has gone on too long.  BC Ferries promotes themselves for their destination vacations but, unless you must, would you return with these appalling conditions? Should they include the necessity to pack disposable diapers for all ages in your travel bags? Not to mention, please pick up after yourselves, like doggie bags. Surely, we can do better than this to showcase our beautiful province and coastal vistas. And with the ferries often running late, how long can one hold it?  These abhorrent conditions need to be addressed immediately. 

Karen Webb