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Letter: Don’t densify the Gibsons lots

'Our “small town” atmosphere is just about gone.'
Gibsons Town Hall
Gibsons Town Hall.


I am a 45-year resident of Gibsons. I am opposed to both the applications for 504 South Fletcher and 609 Glen Road zoning changes. We have an Official Community Plan for a reason: To control development and there is already too much development. 

Our “small town” atmosphere is just about gone. 

We have water and sewer issues already! The Gibsons sewer stinks and has for 30+ years!  We are on water restrictions again. We have major parking issues. The 504 South Fletcher lot is zoned single-family residential and needs to remain so: Multi-family zoning is not acceptable on this residential street and 609 Glen Road does not need to be divided in half, allowing a 500 sq. metre lot. This sets an example for all other lots to be 500 sq. metres.

Please stop this rampant development.  We do not have the infrastructure to deal adequately with all this development.  Thank-you for your attention.  

Suzanne Pemberton, Gibsons

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