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Letter: Coast taken for granted, Highway 101 needs attention


Heather Paget’s letter in the Jan. 7 Coast Reporter struck a note with me, especially after being stuck in traffic yet again for a serious accident on Highway101. I have been thinking for some time that the provincial NDP government pretty much takes the Sunshine Coast for granted. Highway 101 is beyond capacity with no alternate route. Maintenance is minimal. Bike lanes, where they do exist, are seldom swept and the ditches are littered with construction garbage. Collision-prone intersections have been identified, better lighting has been recommended but nothing happens. If we are lucky we get another bloody study.

Do we want tourism or not?

Our MLA Nick Simons seems happy to let the all-powerful Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure, MOTI, cloistered away in Victoria, run the show.

Over the years I have contacted Mr. Simons’ office several times and was directed to MOTI. Neither followed up. That is just not acceptable. I would like to have the feeling that Mr. Simons, our representative at the table in Victoria, is effective in making our needs known. This government hides behind its two paper tigers, MOTI and BC Ferries. We have in my view a very good and eager group of elected governors on the Sunshine Coast Regional District board but they are hand-tied and have very limited flexibility to respond to urgent needs. They have responsibility and very little authority. Most authority is given over to the bureaucrats in MOTI. I would like to see Mr. Simons take more action in resolving the major issues affecting the community he represents. Providing quarterly if not monthly reports as to what he is doing to help us might be a good start.

Rick Horsley, Bonniebrook