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Letter: BC Ferries, cancel the Circle Trip campaign

Ferry Deck


Until there is a drastic improvement to accessing the Sunshine Coast, BC Ferries’ Circle Trip promotional campaign should be shelved. Residents on both the lower and upper Sunshine Coast should be the highest priority for service delivery by our BC Ferry Corporation. We need our elected members of governments, municipal, provincial and federal to get their collective acts together and deal with this increasingly intolerable situation. For the past 26 years that I have resided on the lower coast absolutely nothing has changed other than a greater level of service deterioration. 

This has nothing to do with the employees of BC Ferries! It has everything to do with a total lack of decisive decision making on behalf of BC Ferry Corporation and our elected representatives. There are passenger and vehicle ferries for sale throughout the world that could be purchased as a temporary answer to the construction of more ferries, if that is going to continue to be the answer to Vancouver Island, Sunshine Coast and Gulf Island access. 

The Sunshine Coast, especially the lower coast, have always had a need for two ferries for hourly runs and it has been talked about and talked about for years but the obvious solution has not come to pass. We as Coasters have tolerated this for far too long and along with a grossly inadequate highway to handle the increasing vehicle traffic, it is time to end the Circle Trip promotion until there’s a resolution that moves the focus back on the residents of the Sunshine Coast. 

Doug Hockley, West Sechelt