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Discussion off limits



We can’t guarantee much in life (other than taxes and death) but I can guarantee that, when it comes to the subject of climate change, here in Canada only the simplistic statements coming out of elementary school children and the IPCC will be given time and space on and in the media. The good old KISS principle and the need to be PC at all times drive editorial policy. When serious subjects cannot even be discussed in an intelligent, honest and balanced way, then there is no chance at all, ZERO, of them being fixed. Climate change is one such subject, but there are many, many more.

Here ( we have 700 senior scientists and professionals challenging the simplistic approach to climate and the reduction in GHGs that we all hear on a daily basis. PV/solar and wind farms have been in use for decades. Problems? Failures? Limitations? Never, ever a mention here in Canada.

What is and is not a sustainable or optimum population for Canada? Never a subject to be discussed.

Canada will continue along its chosen PC path. At some point, but almost certainly far too late to avoid the consequences, these and other critical subjects will have to be addressed. The present party political system makes that almost impossible.

Paul Rhodes, Sechelt