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Sunshine Coast's new long-term care centre to open in January

Vancouver Coastal Health gives insight to the new Silverstone facility

Move-in day is fast approaching for the Sunshine Coast’s new long-term care facility. 

After more than seven years of planning, Silverstone Care Centre is opening its doors in just over a month.  

Marie Duperreault, director of Sunshine Coast at Vancouver Coastal Health (VCH) said that they are looking to start moving residents from both Shorncliffe Intermediate Care Home and Totem Lodge to Silverstone in early January. In order to give people the time and space they need to comfortably move, residents' transition will be spaced out over two weeks, said Duperreault.

The new facility will be operated by Trellis Seniors Services and will have a total of 128 beds, all of which will be contracted by VCH.

In the past there was discussion that the facility would host private beds, however, Duperreault clarified that VCH will be contracting all of the beds. Four temporary hospice and palliative care beds are within that contract, she said. 

Collaboration with other organizations, community services and programs to support long-term care will continue in the new Silverstone facility. “It's not like the relationships end once everybody's transitioned over… it will be a continued partnership,” she said.

Residents and their families will be invited to tour the new facility soon and VCH is meeting with Trellis several times a week ahead of move-in. Duperreault said they are planning a mock move day to practice and identify potential obstacles that may arise on the real moving day. “It's going to be preparing in the best possible way for a smooth transition,” Duperreault said. 

She confirmed that all 108 residents of Shorncliffe and Totem will be moved to Silverstone. After that, VCH will resume its regular admittance policy

Residents of Silverstone will live in several small houses within a single building. Each household or neighbourhood will provide care for 16 or 17 residents.

Duperreault explained that each household has its own dining room and lounge. “Every resident will have their own private room and ensuite with a washroom and shower in the room,” she said. “It's a beautiful open space as well.”

Residents are not the only ones being transitioned to Silverstone, Duperreault said that some of VCH’s employees are choosing to transition to Trellis to provide care. At the time she was unable to provide details about recruitment or staffing numbers.

Duperreault said that VCH has worked with its human resources department as well as Trellis and the employee unions to ensure the transition is amicable and that staff from Trellis will remain unionized employees. 

“I just have to say, we are really thrilled, this is really good news for us, for residents and families who live on the Sunshine Coast,” Duperreault said. 

Jordan Copp is the Coast Reporter’s civic and Indigenous affairs reporter. This reporting beat is made possible by the Local Journalism Initiative.