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Stage 2 water restrictions set for July 5 as temperature reaches record high

Restrictions for SCRD water users south of Pender Harbour

On the same day that recorded a new daily high of 28.2 degrees C for the Gibsons area, the Sunshine Coast Regional District (SCRD) announced on June 21 the upcoming second stage of water conservation measures.

As of July 5, Stage 2 will come into effect for SCRD water users south of Pender Harbour. Those on Pender Harbour, Egmont or Earls Cove water systems will stay on Stage 1 until further notice.

Fines for those not complying will be $300 during Stage 2, and SCRD staff will patrol neighbourhoods to enforce regulations and investigate complaints.

“While the recent rain has been beneficial from a water supply perspective, the current warm weather is resulting in a rapid snow melt in the Chapman watershed and it is expected that water supply contributions from snow in the watershed will end in early July,” Remko Rosenboom, the general manager of infrastructure services, said in a press release on June 21.

“Water levels in Chapman Creek are expected to start decreasing shortly afterwards, triggering the need to reduce water demand by the community.” 

Previously, the highest temperature for June 21 in Gibsons and Sechelt was 26.5 degrees C, set in 2004.

The conservation measures under Stage 2 will not permit watering lawns, unless a permit for a new lawn was already granted. Residents’ ability to water trees, shrubs or flowers or food-producing plants with sprinklers or soaker hoses will be restricted to two days per week. Vehicles or boats may be washed by using a container, hand-held hose with spray nozzle or a commercial car wash.

Pools, garden ponds or fountains can continue to be filled.

Commercial food producing farms that pay a metered rate for water are exempt from Stage 2.

Regulations on outdoor water use in the SCRD are in place from May 1 to Sept. 30. Find more information about water conservation regulations at