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SCRD decides not to implement curbside recycling yet

Upcoming solid waste management plan report will include assessment of services
SCRD Curbside Recycling
SCRD directors voted not to implement curbside recycling, but to reconsider the service after a future review of the solid waste management plan.

The Sunshine Coast Regional District (SCRD) has decided not to establish curbside recycling at this point, and to reconsider it as part of the upcoming solid waste management plan review.

At the June 10 infrastructure committee meeting, general manager of infrastructure services Remko Rosenboom presented an update on the potential curbside recycling collection service for Areas B, D, E and F (Halfmoon Bay, Roberts Creek, Elphinstone and West Howe Sound). 

According to the report from staff, the earliest the curbside recycling could have been implemented was late 2022. Implementing the service would also have seen a financial impact, including annual service fees ranging from $40 to $65 if the SCRD had to fund the service, and increased taxation for the depot service estimated at $1.20 to $1.86 per property annually, based on a property assessment of $600,000. 

While directors were not required to make a resolution after hearing the update, staff recommended that no curbside recycling service be established by the SCRD at this time, and to reconsider the service in conjunction with other programs currently offered by member municipalities as part of the solid waste management plan update. The solid waste management plan will include a full assessment of services, funding and financials.

Manager of solid waste management, Robyn Cooper, told directors that staff are anticipating a report in several months from the Ministry of Environment regarding changes to the recycling regulations, which could potentially include commercial recycling in the regulations. That information will be shared with the infrastructure committee and depots when it becomes available. Cooper suggested staff could bring forward a report this fall about the feasibility, present options and include information from the ministry if it’s available then. 

Roberts Creek director Andreas Tize said he is a little frustrated with the process, and reiterated that Area D is very much in favour of adding curbside recycling. 

The results from the SCRD’s survey on curbside recycling showed both Area D and Area B (Halfmoon Bay) respondents were 75 per cent interested in the service, and 25 per cent not interested. Overall, the “vast majority” of the 1,704 respondents across Areas B, D, E, and F indicated they were interested in receiving the service with 72.3 per cent in favour and 27.7 not interested, Rosenboom said.

The District of Sechelt and Sechelt Indian Government District (SIGD) already have curbside recycling.

Tize said he would be interested in creating a separate service for Area D and Area B, but Halfmoon Bay director Lori Pratt was not in attendance at the meeting. Tize was the only director to vote against the motion to not implement curbside recycling at this time.

West Howe Sound director Mark Hiltz said he was having a hard time supporting curbside recycling service for his area, because of the community support the Gibsons Recycling Depot receives. Gibsons director Bill Beamish also raised concerns about potential impacts to the depot.

The board’s decision from the June 10 meeting is expected to be finalized at the June 24 regular board meeting.