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Rotary Club curtains successfully attract herring eggs

Sunshine Coast's enhancement program continues this spring

"The herring are here!" the Rotary Club of Sechelt recently announced.

Not long after they were installed in the waters of Porpoise Bay in Sechelt, two herring curtains have successfully attracted eggs – hundreds and hundreds of them. 

Over the next several weeks, the herring eggs will grow on the curtains supplied by Sunshine Coast's Herring Enhancement Program (HEP) that has included all five local Rotary Clubs as well as Bowen Island's. 

The club installed these curtains in February at Mackenzie Marina and the Lighthouse Pub. In 2019, 2020 and 2021, around 100 curtains were installed on the lower Sunshine Coast between Egmont and Langdale, the HEP 2021 report states.

“We are hopeful for the other curtains that have been installed elsewhere along the Sunshine Coast,” a press release from the club said. “More curtains going in the ocean daily!”