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New pavilion coming to Creek

Community Garden
Cody Chancellor will rely on materials sourced from nature and the community.

Roberts Creek will soon have a pavilion through a project spearheaded by Roberts Creek Community School Society and supported by the Sunshine Coast Community Foundation, School District No. 46 (SD46), Sunshine Coast Regional District (SCRD), community volunteers and several business and community sponsors.

“This is something that’s been in the works for a long time,” said Sheila Wilson, Roberts Creek Community School coordinator. The pavilion is part of a larger project of creating a community garden located on SD46 property next to Roberts Creek Elementary School. It will be open to the public and students.

“The idea is to take what was just an abandoned lot covered in invasive weeds and convert it into something that is serving as a vibrant centre for community members to meet and build capacity around garden skills, as well as serving the school for the same sorts of needs,” Wilson said.

So far, the land has been prepared by removing fencing and a stand of trees, excavation and tree limbing. “It’s really involved,” Wilson said. The pavilion will be built first since it requires heavy machinery. Construction will begin this month and is expected to finish by spring.

Roberts Creek-based designers Larry Popowich of Periplum Garden Construction & Design, and Dana Wilson of Gaia’s Guild were hired for the project. Cody Chancellor, also with ties to Roberts Creek, will manage the construction phase.

Before he can get started on the build, they must first source materials from the community and from nature. The committee has a maximum budget of $8,000 to spend on the pavilion, but they estimate the total cost is between $15,000 and $20,000. “My next job is trying to cobble together materials as inexpensively as possible,” Wilson said.

Chancellor built a structure at a privately held venue in Crystal Creek with the help of community volunteers and expects the process to be similar. “Serendipity is a strong friend of mine when I’m building these kind of buildings,” he said. “It takes a leap of faith on everybody’s part.”

Wilson said in an email they are most in need of natural log posts and roofing material, either EPDM or metal sheeting. Chancellor is hoping to use driftwood from the beach. “They have a lot of positive vibes to them but they’re so difficult to get,” he said. “In terms of structure, I’m looking for cedar logs that are 12 to 14 inches around and 10 to 12 feet long.” The group is also looking for large timber for rafters that can support a living roof.

“I’m making something with super heart. I’m making something that people … know is going to be there for years, that they can come and listen to music in. This is not just a gazebo to talk to your friends in, this is a community resource,” said Chancellor.

Those interested in getting involved or making a donation can contact Cody via his website at or Sheila Wilson.