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Loverock advances to final 14

Sarah Loverock of Gibsons made it through another round of cuts on Canadian Idol this week, placing her in the top 14.

Sarah Loverock of Gibsons made it through another round of cuts on Canadian Idol this week, placing her in the top 14.

On Wednesday night, Loverock, along with the rest of Canada, learned that she would sing again - meaning one more strong performance would land her in the top 10.

Alyssa Klazek from Calgary and Alisha North from Kitchener were eliminated from the women's competition. Greg Neufeld from Abbotsford and Chris Labelle from Ottawa were eliminated from the men's competition.

Loverock came ready to wow the crowd when she took to the stage Tuesday night singing I Don't Wanna Be by Gavin DeGraw.

She smiled confidently and sang as if she was made for the stage, dishing out a funky soul-filled rendition of the popular song.

At one point the audience was clapping along keeping the beat and cheering for Loverock, the first female competitor to really capture the audience that night.

When she finished the song and turned to the judges, she was in for another evening of positive feedback starting with Zack Werner, who again noted she was the best technical singer in the competition.

Farley Flex also showered Loverock with praise saying, "That was the highlight of the night so far. You nailed it."

Sass Jordan was in awe of her talent saying, "Sarah, my sister, you tore it up!"

And Jake Gold noted Sarah has a "ton of skill" and knows how to use it.

Loverock's fan base on the Coast appears to be growing. There are Loverock posters, signs and balloons throughout Gibsons cheering her on, and some people are even posting pictures and articles of her on their vehicles to show support.

The Coast is in awe of Loverock, a talented, soulful singer who until recently was undiscovered, working as a shift supervisor at SuperValu in Gibsons.

Last year Loverock tried out for Canadian Idol but didn't make it as far as the live performance portion of the show.

"Canadian Idol is important because it gives singers a chance to get noticed. I have wanted a career in music since I was a little girl and have performed my butt off for years hoping to one day get a break like this," said Loverock in her bio on "I think my past experiences and my overwhelming desire to succeed in the music industry are what have gotten me this far."

The competition changes a bit next week, as the women take to the stage first, performing on Mon-day night at 8 p.m. The men perform Tuesday at 8 p.m. Results will be announced Wednesday night at 8 p.m. All the shows are on CTV, cable channel 9 here on the Coast.- With files from Ian Jacques