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Lori Pratt acclaimed in Halfmoon Bay

Election 2018
Lori Pratt

Lori Pratt is on track to be acclaimed as Halfmoon Bay’s director for Sunshine Coast Regional District (SCRD), following the closing of the nomination period last Friday.

“It’s an incredible honour to represent Area B for the next four years. I’m excited to work with the new SCRD board once they’re elected and looking forward to represent the Halfmoon Bay community.  Thanks to Garry Nohr for all his years of service,” said Pratt following the closing of the nomination period.

Pratt, who is outgoing chair of the board at School District No. 46, was the only person with submitted nomination papers on deadline day, despite Terry Knight’s declaration in August that he would run with outgoing Area B director Nohr as his alternate.

Knight filed nomination papers Thursday, Sept. 6 but retracted the following Tuesday. “I pulled out for personal reasons and that’s sort of it,” Knight told Coast Reporter, adding that he plans to continue to work at the community level. “I think Lori will do a good job,” he said.

And while Knight backed out after declaring, Nohr got close to dipping back in after announcing earlier this year that he’d be doing the opposite. On the morning of the last day of the nomination period, Nohr wrote in a public Facebook group, “Will make up my mind to run for Director of Area B at noon. Many people asking me to do so.” Later in the day, he announced that after speaking with Pratt he wouldn’t file after all.

Nohr has taken a meandering path off the political stage. In 2017, he announced he wouldn’t run, and then in March of this year he said he’d reconsider it. In May he told Coast Reporter he’d be bowing out. Last Friday’s public notice was the final waffle.

Explaining Friday’s social media post, Nohr told Coast Reporter that once it was clear Pratt could win by acclamation, Halfmoon Bay residents had asked him to file. He said while “two or three people” had put their names forward, “for whatever reason [they] didn’t sign the papers or didn’t follow through.”

He ultimately decided against filing after speaking with Pratt about her goals as director. “She said she’s going to discuss things with the community. If she does, that’s good. I just hope she doesn’t fall in step with any other councillor or director at the Regional District and does her own thing for Halfmoon Bay,” said Nohr.

Pratt will be the first woman on the board since 2014, and at 43, will also be among the youngest. Her platform included prioritizing solutions for water security, promoting economic development in Halfmoon Bay and solving solid waste management challenges in the lead-up to the expected expiration of the Sechelt landfill in 2025.