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How are the SCRD's other water systems faring?

Keats Island's Eastborne water system was affected by the drought but is hanging in there, says the SCRD's manager of Infrastructure Services.
SCRD water meter
One of the water meters installed in the SCRD.

Chapman may be the Sunshine Coast Regional District (SCRD)'s largest water system, but it's not the district's only one facing prolonged water restrictions.

When it comes to the other SCRD water systems, South Pender sits at Stage 2 restrictions and Keats Island's Eastbourne is at Stage 4.

Eastbourne has been affected by the drought but is hanging in there in terms of water supply, said SCRD general manager of Infrastructure Services, Remko Rosenboom in a SCRD board update Oct. 27, with rains hopefully recharging their aquifer. 

"We wait for that news next week and we will make a decision on what to do with that."

The saving grace on Keats is that it’s late in the season, so the number of residents is low, said Rosenboom. 

The Egmont, Earls Cove, North Pender Harbour, Langdale, Soames Point and Granthams Landing water systems are all at Stage 1 restrictions.