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Here's how much rain fell on the Coast in the past two record-busting months

October and November break years-long precipitation count
Sechelt Rain
A downpour hits Sechelt in 2020.

Although the memory of the record-breaking Stage 4 water restrictions of summer 2021 is still fresh, the Sunshine Coast has now seen two back-to-back months that broke rain records. 

In October, it rained more than 100 millimetres in only two days ­– more than the whole month of Oct. 2020, which saw a total of 94.4 mm. On Oct. 15 this year, 40.6 mm of rain fell, followed by 72.5 mm the next day. The whole month recorded 265.2 mm, according to Environment Canada data from the Sechelt weather station. That’s more rain than any October the Sunshine Coast has seen since at least 2007. 

Then November brought several atmospheric river events, and heavy rains leading to multiple washout areas on the Sunshine Coast. Data for much of mid-November is missing from the Sechelt weather station but the Gibsons weather station at Gower Point recorded at least 376 mm of rain for the month of November. (Data for Nov. 16 was not available from either weather station.) This is the most rain the Gower Point weather station has recorded for the month of November since 2006, when there was 383.3 mm recorded.

As December begins, the Sunshine Coast Regional District’s state of local emergency has been cancelled, after lasting for most of November. Precipitation may now take a colder turn, as flurries and wet snow is in the forecast for the first weekend of the last month of the year.