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Gibsons goes to Stage 3 water rules Sept. 1

Stage 3 (Acute) water conservation measures are in place effective Sept. 1 for customers supplied with water by the Town of Gibsons . Use of outdoor water sprinklers is banned until further notice.
sprinkler watering
Use of Town of Gibsons water for outdoor sprinkling banned as of Sept 1 with Stage 3 water use rules in place.

Stage 3 (Acute) water conservation measures are in place effective Sept. 1 for customers supplied with water by the Town of Gibsons. For those connected to town water, use of outdoor water sprinklers is banned until further notice.  Micro drip irrigation systems can be used and hand watering of outdoor plants is allowed at anytime, but hand watering of lawns is not allowed.  

Washing of boats and vehicles is not allowed except to remove salt water residue.  Washing of outdoor surfaces is not allowed, except for health reasons. The filling of pools or outdoor water features with town supplied water is also banned.  

Fines for violations of watering use rules at Stage 3 are set at $300 per infraction.

A second year reaching Stage 3 

In 2021, Gibsons went to Stage 3 watering restrictions on Sept. 3. That same day it began providing water to the Sunshine Coast Regional District (SCRD) to help that neighbourhing jurisdiction address its water shortage issues on a temporary emergency basis. The SCRD had activated an Emergency Operation Centre (EOC) to address drought conditions on Aug. 23 of that year.

The town implements annual water use regulations at Stage 1 on May 1st each year. Subsequent stages are put into place on an as-needed basis, depending on the rainfall received and water usage that occurs through the summer months.

This year, Stage 2 restrictions came into force in Gibsons on July 28.